Vinyl decals are a thin film with pressure sensitive adhesive. Decals can applied to any smooth, non-porous surface; indoors or outdoors. Vinyl decals will last about 6 years on car windows. Other surfaces will vary depending on sun exposure and how often the surface is handled, such as water bottles and phone cases.

Application Instructions

  • Clean surface, then allow to fully dry. 
  • Decide placement of decal BEFORE removing backing paper. 
  • For best results, air temperature should be between 70°F and 90°F with very low to zero humidity.
  • Peel off the transfer tape from the paper backing. Decal should stick to the transfer tape. 
  • If vinyl is hard to remove from paper, rub with the edge of a plastic card on a hard surface, then attempt to peel transfer tape again.
  • Gently, stretch out the transfer tape and press both edges onto surface.
  • Starting at the center and working out to the edges; with the plastic card or vinyl squeegee firmly rub out air bubbles with long strokes.
  • Slowly peel off transfer tape, rolling the tape back as you go.  

Removal Instructions

Some surfaces may be damaged by removal of vinyl decals. For glass, use a flat blade razor to scape decal off. The same technique can be used on metal, taking care not to scratch the surface. For plastics, vinyl decals can be peeled off. Use adhesive solvent to remove any glue residue.